This is ground control to Major Tom

Space Oddity.

Ground control to Major Tom
Ground control to Major Tom
Get your Covid jab and put your face mask on

This is ground control to Wuhan lab
You really got us scared
And the papers want to know just how you did it
Now it's time to leave the house if we dare
This is Major Tom to ground control
I'm stepping through the door ................
Space Oddity

It's Wednesday, I was ready for my dental hygienist phone check up at 9am ... Ops! Silly me, it's not today it's tomorrow. Let's hope I remember.
I remembered to walk the dog. Indie was waiting for me. It was bitterly cold this morning so I donned the bright pink Heidi hat and went walkabout. I just love being outdoors. I could have walked all day but .. not to be, well not today. Back at Mum's she's obsessed with her small top lounge window not opening. There is nothing wrong with them, I went through the same exercise a few weeks back. She likes to open the windows in every room during the day, always has, but even more now that we have been advised to keep the airflow but I'm the only person to visit the house, & I'm very careful. She had a phone call before I arrived this morning with her Covid jab appointment.  8.45am this Friday at Dawlish hospital. Everything arranged with S the dog walker etc.
Back to base for the usual welcome grunt .... did the ironing. Then had a surprise Whats app call from friends in Germany. Andreas is a psychiatric nurse and works his hours to accrue 2 months holiday which he takes in 1 chunk, mid Oct - mid Dec, migrating to Koh Samui, but not last year. He's been going to the island for his hols for the past 20 plus years so is in a bit of a quandary as to how he will amuse himself. He has a huge music collection so I suggested he work through it. I should have asked him to compile a couple of CD's for me. He's done this for me in the past. His tastes are very diverse so it's always fun. Mari, his travel buddy was there. She had a stroke last year while in her bathroom and was'nt  until about 24hrs later. She's very lucky to be alive, she was in hospital for a long time, then a convalescent home as she lived alone. She was in the video with Andreas today. She understands English but can no longer speak it. She was nursing as well, no longer able to work so on a pension although only in her early 50's.
Time to get out with the camera, I knew exactly where I was heading, of course when I got to this side of the river, I realised that the graffiti  on the other side was possibly better, but no idea how I would get under the dual carriageway to gain access. I will have to investigate.

Lingo ... Tipping Point .... The Chase

Spag Bol

I've been watching the new Rick Stein series on Cornwall. Some interesting folks on there, well, apart from his son who was in tonight's episode.

I'm off to watch Beat The Chasers. Fingers crossed James Bond ends at 9pm as hubby is watching that.

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday and setting the theme 'Song Title'

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