Day 290 A Highland Coo

I'm not sure if WildWed still exists  but if it does, I'm entering this charming Highland coo, given to me at Christmas by Daughter #1 and knitted by her very talented friend M.  Violet received a smaller version for her birthday and as I said how much I liked it, I've now received my own.  Many thanks to M.
In other news:  we attempted home schooling for real today and as Mr MC and and I had financial matters to deal with as well as struggling to get down the Christmas decs before the end of Twelfth Night, it is fortunate that our household has sufficient adult  members in it to deal with the tasks in hand.  The tech knowledge required ( and I'm no slouch) was greater than I had thought and today we used a laptop, a desktop, a printer and a smartphone.  Violet was rewarded with a lovely personal message from her class teacher for her efforts though, so it was all worthwhile and we are still so grateful to the teaching staff who have spent so much time preparing this online work.

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