A moment in time

By Skyegirl

It's a cracker of a day......-8C this morning when we got up, but -4 now..... a slight fall of snow overnight, about 2", nice powdery stuff.  I am very frustrated that I cannot get out walking at present in this beautiful weather.  And my blips are restricted to very local and garden.   But it could be worse.......

A visit to the surgery this morning early.  I made a mess of it and got the time wrong, so was half an hour early, but Sheena the Practice Nurse was available and so I was seen then.  All well.

Home for coffee, and a wee walk in the sunshine in the garden.  C and K arrived with our shopping, quite a lot as the cupboard was a bit bare, but we are well stocked up now.  It was really good to see them, although a bit cold talking outside, but a bit of a catch up.

Another walk in the garden where the HG has cleared the paths, good to get some sun......and so life under lockdown goes on..... and on..... and on.......

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