By JennyOwen

Frosty morning at the canal basin

Today began with bright sunshine and frosty, glittery surfaces: a good reason to get out with the camera. I headed for Sheffield's canal basin, a place I've wanted to re-explore for a while.  It didn't disappoint, and I spent an hour and a half there, picking my way over icy surfaces.

I feel a bit in limbo with the current lockdown: all our grandparental childcare routines are on pause, and I haven't quite found a new rhythm yet. Richard and I both have plenty to do in and around the house/garden, as well as our respective writing and photography projects. We're lucky. And yet... perhaps it's the background anxiety that fuels a constant sense of apprehension. Anxiety about the virus itself, and the spiralling figures. Anxiety about the kids and grandkids, and how they're coping.

A bright note, though: we've had a couple of long online chats, this week, with Richard's eldest son Nik and his girlfriend Renee in New Zealand. For the moment, it is all much easier there, and it's good to hear and see some positive stories.

Still watching the US news carefully. I think the Republicans will come to regret not invoking the 25th and removing Trump now. He might be muted on Facebook and Twitter. But there's still plenty of scope for his armed supporters to cause mayhem.

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