A short flight

When I came downstairs this morning and had my cup of coffee, the weather looked great. Sunshine all over. Hardly any wind.
Only one conclusion possible: the drone had to go up.

I texted Peter and before I knew it, I was picking him up. By then the atmosphere changed already. A thick layer of clouds came rolling in and the sunlight was gone already. The wind was picking up as well.
We drove to the dyke near the Eemshotel in Delfzijl, but with one sneak peak over it, we stepped back. High tide, too much wind, no light.
Well, that's a pity, it seemed we wouldn't be flying at all.

On our way back I suggested to give it a try somewhere between Uitwierde and Holwierde, an area with lots of old German WW-II bunkers.
We did. I got my drone up and flew around for a while. Peter had some troubles with his drone. Errors about his propellors came in and he didn't want to risk things. He stayed low and closeby.

All and all, not a great succes this time. Well, you can't win them all, can you. I captured 3 photos from a height of about 70-80 meters high.
On this photo you can see the remains of one bunker. There are more, about 10 I guess, scattered over the fields.

We went home and instead of another coffee, we enjoyed a very tasty home made 'kroket' at Joke and Peter's place.

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