Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Double vision

The walk this morning was through the nature reserve and then round and back through quiet side streets.  I took this shot from Hyde Close looking into Hyde Street.  It's a reply to Picturemull's bridge shot, the subject for this MonoMonday.

Obviously Winchester doesn't do steel and glass, it's a city of 19th century red brick and medieval stone.  So what I was looking at was the way we like to funnel ourselves down narrow high-sided ribbons of land.  We call it 'going somewhere'.

For this I was hoping someone might walk across the centre of the shot  Instead a guy came round the corner full tilt, stopped and shouted to his mate, 'There's people taking pictures up there!'  Then he ran away.  Did he have double vision?  Or just a few too many pints inside him?  I saw the two of them later in my walk, still tumbling about and snorting with laughter!  (And yes, it's quite fun in large).

So that was my morning.  Many thanks to PictureMull for hosting. 

Enjoy your evening and stay safe, lovely blippers  xx

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