Today I've started my Back to Work Programme (BW). My GP needs to approve the plan we (my manager, workplace OT, and me) come up with.

While that's figured out, I've started work on the first part of my (BW), a project to produce a cookbook of Mum's recipes.

At work I'm unsupervised. All projects and work is planned using the online tool Asana, before any development work is begun. I have KPIs, goals, and time lines on everything.

Living and breathing Asana is a fundamental part of my work. I'm using work's Asana to plan out the cookbook from start to completed published book. It will have goals and timelines just as I do at work. Mum's recipe book is a great way of getting back into Asana thinking.

My work's OT visited me to assess my home work station set up. All I need is a chair from work and she's happy.

A full-on day and a good one.

Today's gratitude: For new confidence from discovering that I remember more than I expected to about using Asana.

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