By Energia


Panic buttons in Congresswoman Pressley's office were torn out before the Capitol invasion. The entire unit of every button was removed. 

Pressley is the Black member of the "squad." 

I, like every decent person in the United States, have been feeling bad. 

This afternoon I got a text from a young guy I used to work with.

He reached out months ago to arrange a conversation. I assumed he and his girlfriend wanted something and I decided they were getting married and wanted me to shoot the wedding. Nope. They just genuinely wanted to talk, to me! 

They'd like to talk again. We're going to meet up at a park Saturday and I'll get some nice social interaction with someone besides my wife, my dog, and my computer. 

This is good, because you were this close to being invited to a zoom coffee. 

You hit 1000 posts and you get a massive outpouring of love. Awesome. 

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