Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Mist and Murk

I decided to do the shopping a day early this week, not sure how busy the store would be on Saturday and not wanting to have to queue outside, as I'd seen done at another store on Wednesday.

I always try to take advantage of the alternate route home, which takes me through some of the local rural roads.  I'm often checking for deer and although I saw them they were in the distance with no opportunity to approach.

I read in the Amateur Photographer yesterday the rules for photographers during lockdown.  One thing that stood out was that for amateur photographers the use of a tripod is not seen as complying with the exceptions which allow you to leave home, i.e. I would imagine the only excuse we might have is to be doing exercise as we took a photograph.  For someone who learnt a lot of his good habits from JohnGravett on his workshops, this is sacrilege, but in the circumstances I expect he will allow this one breach.  However, trying to take this shot with the 200-500mm lens on the camera did pose problems and it is actually a two row pano of 6 shots, at 1/160th of a second act ISO 3200.  Still it has probably helped to soften the scene, whether by the noise or camera shake that is probably visible under higher magnification.

I'm going to say that it is quite liberating shooting without the tripod and despite the murky conditions it didn't need any filtration so I managed to get a way with it.

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