By TynvdB

From The West Nothing New

This morning I had to bring our car to the service station for the biannual mechanical check. And fortunately it was raining. No icy windows or slippery snow on the road. And again I had my Lucky Morning.  The official inspection would only take less than an hour. So I had time enough to visit the graveyard  across from the station.
I had not forgotten to bring my umbrella. And even Her Red Candle only needed some new lighterfire. Then on my way to the local supermarket I found the church closed. As well as the coffeecorner in the small market. Of course because of Corona-Lockdown. How could I forget? So I returned to the station – expecting to wait over there – and hearhear, good news. No defects, no extra repairs and extra bill to pay, Lucky Me.
The rest of the day I cleaned up inside, broomed a lot of wet leaves outside. And it kept raining. While drying and warming up I wrote an emailletter to an old friend. Overcoming that leaning towards postponing. Had not I been waiting for his letter for months?! Its no use writing that man, She would have said in the past. He has shown enough that he takes no interest in you anymore.
But look he did write me, so why shouldn’t I answer him? Well, now She whispered: Stop moaning about him and your old deceptions, just write. Or, if you don’t feel like it, write me, but stop moaning! Write….Okay, so I did. And I did not complain about the rain but made my short afternoon walk under our Red Umbrella. And I did not feel stupid to have forgotten to take my camera with me. I did not rreturn to pick it up. But I decided to take some kind of the same picture. But from an other higher viewpoint: From our terrace towards The West.
No light, onlyclouds  mist, rainrainrain and from The West Nothing New to report. But in contrast to this Darkgrey Nothing@All, I did feel OK  with this Lucky Day.

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