Fields in flood, a memorial

Over 400,000 have died from Covid-19 in the USA, and finally we have a chief executive who is willing to acknowledge that. It was only a five-minute memorial, but it's a start, and the pillars of light will remain for some time. 

I began the day with a call to the mechanic. They can't see my car till Thursday. They suggested I put more miles on it, so I drove out to Sauvie Island, where I made this photo of a flooded corn field. Most of the side roads on Sauvie Island are flooded, but I spotted a flock of Sandhill cranes and heard their wonderful wet chortle. 

Margie and I had our regular phone call, but we cut it short so we could view the memorial on TV. I was a little disappointed it was so brief, but the installation of lights is moving. One pillar of light for each 1000 people dead. How can anyone imagine that much loss? 

Margie has a tentative appointment for a vaccination on February 9, but she said, "I'm not counting on it. It will probably be delayed." Margie's 94 years have taught her not to trust such promises.

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