By iaint


I have almost got back to my calm, melancholic self after yesterday’s excitement. Like many, I was nervous about the disgraced former President having some last evil plan to keep power, but apart from his usual ignorant attitude, he has gone quietly. 

The story is not over, obviously, but it was good to see another chapter finish on a positive note. 

It has all pushed my blood pressure up slightly - well something has - so the checks will be weekly for a while instead of monthly. 

It has been a typical lockdown Thursday. A combination of chores and relaxation. Snow clearance was an additional chore today. Where I live we got about 2” (5 cm), but wet, horrible stuff. Down by the water it was just a sprinkle.

I took myself over to West Wemyss again for a walk. It is relatively people-free, which suits me. As usual, it was great to have an hour with just the sounds of the sea. 

My Blip is the Ocean Resolution at anchor. She’s a support vessel - wind farms or oil platforms? Past or future? She is quite new, so I suspect wind farms. 

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