By iaint


It has been a busy wee day.

I got lots of chores taken care of. On the pleasure side, I had a long phone call with my friend Derek in Edinburgh. We managed to avoid the subject of his ingrowing toenail. Being of the same age, discussion of blood pressure, glucose levels and liver enzymes is unavoidable. 

Also on the positive side, I managed to be at the Sunrise Bakehouse about 90 seconds after they opened. More cinnamon and cardamom buns. 

The way the wind was blowing along Burntisland High Street I could catch the bakery smells about 50m away. So few British bakeries bake on site. Smelling bread in the street felt very French. 

I have heard murmurings of discontent about Burntisland being gentrified by having a bakery, fancy cafes and a fish shop (amongst others) in its High Street. 

In the car park I found proof that this is not yet a problem. 

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