By iaint


Day 1 of my work week. Or is it Day 4, and tomorrow starts the cycle again with Day 1?

Well, it was too busy for any such existentialist theorising. Having had my fill of 20th century French Catholic philosophy, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus when I was a student, perhaps this is for the best. 

The low point was almost losing my temper with someone on the phone, after he gave me his “restrictions are inconvenient, and people die anyway” thoughts on the pandemic. I had plenty positives of course - 90%. The glass is more than half full. Much more*.

It was a fantastic walk to work in the morning - sunshine and -3ºc, plus almost no people around. The walk home was less fun, trying to spot the icy patches in the dark. It did not get above 1ºc during the day, but the sun must have melted some snow patches and then they had frozen by the time I was going home.

Evening - prawn fried rice (kao pad goong ข้าวผัดกุ้ง) Thai style. It is one of my quick and easy favourites when I have been out all day.  

* I am almost convinced. 

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