Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Still iconic after all these years

Well. What a day it's been! Started with me leaving home at 7am to drive with G to work so I could have the car. I needed to go to my Consulate to get a vital bit of paper as part of documentation I need for my UAE Residence Visa, but as there is paid parking everywhere now and you can never tell how much time you need to put on the meter, I thought it best to take public transport. Just as well as it took over 3 hours and there was just enough time to get a taxi home, get the car and drive out to bring G back!

But back to my blip... Burj Al Arab beach is right next to where G is doing her supply teaching, so I called in there first to see what was happening. Couldn't believe this surf school out at what must have been a 7am, or earlier start, in ambient temps of 18degC. It was not warm standing out, so I can't image what the water temperature was. I admire their enthusiasm! An alternative blip for today can be seen here. Took over 80 pics and it was tough narrowing it down, so hope I've got it right. See the surfers in the sea.

It's been a good day despite the episode at the Pakistan Consulate. NO idea why, but they just don't have any proper efficient systems in place to cope with the amount of demand they have for their services. I even offered my help to the Vice Consul! [The Pakistani community is the second largest in the UAE.] I had to get an Affidavit from them to say that I am not, and have never been married. This is so that Pauline, my step-mum can sponsor me. If I was or had been married, she would not be able to. C'est la vie!

Tomorrow I have to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get some more stamps on my 2 bits of documentation, but that shouldn't take too long. They are actually very efficient and even located themselves where all the Consulates are! How considerate! :)

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