Bipolar Girl

By laurie54

AT: Waves

I thought I would try to participate in abstract Thursday this week.  Ingeborg's theme was "waves." I thought of different things that might work but really didn't want to spend time farnarkling or on trial and error.  The blip is SOOC. I used intentional camera movement.  It's a wave of the t-shirts in my closet. Since it's an original, I took another photo as an extra.  It's not exactly the same but it gives an idea of what I was using as the subject.  It not particularly colorful but it seems wavy to me, it's unique and I like it.

There was a 90% chance of rain today. Hear something like that when you're in an extreme drought and you get pretty excited. We had a couple of hours of light showers which amounted to about 0.30 inches, not the inch or more predicted.  Very disappointing.

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