Orange (EB)

Not much opportunity for photography yesterday (this is back-blipped) so an image of a new L Bracket. 

I have been using a sturdy/cheap/generic L bracket which works well enough but does not make it easy to get the remote release plugged in to my full frame camera.  I liked the build quality of my 3 legged thing tripod so I went for their universal version and it looks to be ok. Time will tell how stable it is with the camera vertical supported on those two rods .
I don't suppose I'll be losing sight of it when I inevitably drop it into some long grass :-)
Enjoy the surface finish better in large :-)

I've been procrastinating for ages about organising a panel for the LRPS assessment and have finally persuaded myself to book an on-line review, on the assumption that doing that might put a date on it and prompt some action.

The RPS what makes a good photograph? session I saw earlier this week was good, a set of pointers on how to critique your own images which I found useful.  There are a couple of follow ups on signature styles and storytelling in photography which look worth doing too.

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