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By steveng

Cold War Relic (DS281)

Hopefully not something we will be going back to?

This old building sits in a field just outside Kineton and in line with the runway at what used to be RAF Gaydon.  In the mid 50s Vickers Valliants were based there as part of the nuclear deterrent. Click on the location icon and then satellite view to see it in relation to the runway.  JLR use the site now as a test track.

On the other side of the village is MOD Kineton - a NATO ammunition store

Tagged for derelict Sunday as it is beginning to look quite dilapidated.
Thanks to Marlieske for hosting.
Frost crack lines and the old red white chequer seen better in large.

This morning we met up with Hildasrose, Rob, Technophobe, Loosecanon and enjoyed brunch at The Farm just outside Stratford. 
Part of our discussion was around a blipmeet so we're looking to arrange one at Croome next month.  We're going for Wednesday 9th Feb.
National Trust info for Croome here

Bilpmeet entry on the communities page

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