What Every Front Garden Needs

A beautiful sunny day - still quite chilly and lots of frost and ice about.

This Dalek and Cyberman head combo is in a front garden of a house in Clifford. Sorry about the large overexposed patch in the background, but there was no way to exclude it!

Just thought it was a bit of fun… the first of a series (hopefully) of garden ’whimsy’ blips….

I liked the little notice ‘Trespassers will be Composted’ - so I stayed well back :-)

Broadband and mobile deals renewed today…got the next level up of broadband (67MB speed, up from 56 and an extra TB of online storage) for the same price (now includes wifi boosters for the whole house) and TRIPLE the mobile data allowance (now 30GB a month) for the same price too. Should be able to watch films on my phone while I’m out walking now…. ;-)

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