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Derelict Trailer

I made myself a cooked breakfast to start the day (I figured Mrs madwill would be having cooked in the hotel she is staying at - so I wasn’t going to miss out). It was only black pudding, mushrooms, beans, tomato and egg - but so much more interesting than the sawdust I have been having for the past few months.

I took myself off to the woods known as Whin Covert - in order to photograph this old wreck of a trailer. I have blipped bits of it before - there is lots of rust and rotten wood. I have added an extra of a different view - both images are focus stacked (or focus bracketed or focus merged). It is quite clearly visible in winter but soon gets enveloped by the undergrowth from spring onwards!

I have tagged it for the Derelict Sunday challenge - thanks as ever to  Marlieske for hosting.

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