double century cookies

so...finally I'm there...irregular, stumbling from time to time but managed to reach the second milestone. I thought of not putting so much effort/thought into the 200th...thought it is just a number...thought would do something simple and regular and wont make it a big deal...but thinking all that was too much of thought for me. So I stopped 'thought'-ing and started looking for things in the house. And that's when my eyes fell on the three cookies - these are from one of the oldest bakeries of the city. In fact, the bakery is pretty much synonymous with Hyderabad.

Thank you all out there for all the wonderful pictures, comments and moments. Blip has a great feel-good factor and has become very much a part of life now. Sometimes I tell my friends at work about this site and they are simply amazed by how wonderfully people who havent even seen each other (and in most cases, dont even know each other's names) bond so well together. Blip has been going great and hope it stays that way!

off to the next one...

have a good one!

P.S. - I know it is a crappy blip but that's okay :)

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