I am humbled...

I cant thank you all enough for all the comments and wishes you have showered on my 200th. I am really really humbled by it. This community rocks!

Today, at office, there was an eco-fair where they were selling and promoting eco-friendly stuff. And this LED lamp is what caught my eye. This is an energy super saver lamp. One needs to charge it for 6 hours and then it can serve for 18 hours straight at its brightest or 35 hours at medium brightness or 200 hours at low light. here, it is at its brightest. This light is enough to illuminate a completely dark room. This is also handy enough to carry on camps or outings. You can even buy a solar panel and charge it using that - so no electricity spent. Quite cool. Am thinking it might aid as a studio light as well for indoor photography :) will have to try it out some time.

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