By Kipsie

One pair of boots

but no laces for whatever reason. The builders bag of rubble has been sitting here for quite awhile. The car body liner? was dumped to the side of the gateway about 1 month ago. I added it last week, there are also some aluminium cans tucked inside now as well ;-). The boots were dumped/placed to the other side of the gateway about 3 weeks ago, I can't see anything wrong with them apart from the lack of laces, but as nobody has taken a fancy to them I moved them to my ever growing "Installation". It has a Tracey Emin kinda vibe. I shall no doubt be adding more as the weeks go on unless the Devon Wildlife Trust, who are managing Chudleigh Knighton heath, or the farmer whose filed entrance it's blocking, remove it.

Snow overnight, not much but enough to make the roads icy, so I delayed my drive down to Mum's by an hour. The sun was gradually melting the snow & ice which meant I was getting dripped on from above as I walked through the woods. The tall grasses looked quite magical dripping with icy globules. I managed to get a few pics but Indie was squeaking with impatience, cheeky rascal. Next time the weather is similar I must pay another visit. She as soaking wet by the time we got back. I scattered a salt/grit  mix around the patio area. Mum likes to feed the birds early morning so made sure the route to the bird table was well covered. Time for a quick cuppa before heading back home.
I cleaned off the bird tables & feeders, filled the saucer with some of the seed mix from Jorgiesmum, suet pellets, sunflower hearts, a chopped up sausage, & breadcrumbs should keep the birds happy & hopefully warm.
The nights are drawing out now ..  still light at 5pm. Cider 'o'clock!
Time to get dinner on as well.

The Great Pottery Throw Down tonight ... I wish Keith would stop getting emotional. Love 'im! He's making me cry as well.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting

Stay safe & stay warm :-) x

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