Muscovy Duck

I went out for a quick walk this morning to find a Blip before doing anything else. You could say I went for two walks as I arrived at the park to discover my camera battery was dead. I had no spare with me so I went home to change it. I took a few photos - nothing spectacular! I like this one best of the ones I took, just for the reflection.

Having Googled Muscovy ducks, I'm now not sure that is what this is! I can see similarities but they should have other colours on them. This is maybe cross bred with a white farm duck! 

Otherwise today has been mainly tedious dusting and polishing jobs, trying to plan meals for the week and write a shopping list based on them. Why is it so hard to plan what to cook...I try not to just do the same things every week but coming up with something that we will all like and can be adapted to Vegan is tricky sometimes!

Next job is taking my life in my hands to go to Tesco and buy it all!

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