Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Little big ears

Bobsblips theme for today's WidWed challenge is 'About the House'.  I've taken that to mean 'inside the house', though I know some of you have thought differently.  Anyway, I had to stay in most of the morning for the plumber to come and fix the bathroom taps and shower.  Thankfully this is now done, and for the smaller of the two quoted prices.  Also I've discovered that Ian - who is middle-aged, garrulous and balding - used to have his hair in a mohican, favourite colour 'fire red'.  A bit of a character!

While we were waiting for him to arrive Hazel sat on my bed and I got this shot of her.  She likes it there because it catches the morning sun (when there is any) and she can bark at people walking this way.  She thought Ian was terrifying and hid in K's bedroom, shaking, until he left.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.  Up till a few years ago I would have been going down to sing in the cathedral this evening with blippers Redflash and Halfwayupahill.  Always a wondereful and very moving multi-faith occasion.

Okay, that's me.  Hope Wednesday's treated you kindly  xx

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