Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

As I said

..a few days ago - when it's raining there's always chocolate!

Back in the day this would have been called a 'pack shot'.  Maybe it still is, but it's now too long ago for me to know with any accuracy.  Mind you, I can't think of any manufacturer who would want their chocolate advertised in such a ridiculous way.  Still, I had fun doing it ;))

Apart from that, my day has consisted of said rain, no walk, a long and rather fraught conversation with my bank (the fourth in a week) and an exceptionally long conversation with a financial adviser.  Yikes!!  She was a sweet lady but she wanted the story of my life in minute detail.  Will it be useful?  Who knows..

But now the hands of the clock are climbing up to 5pm and I'm intending to have a peaceful evening.  You have a lovely one too, huh?


100,000 covid deaths in the UK.  I've just heard.  How appalling and so terribly terribly sad 

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