By Ingleman

Steamed Glass Windows

Today will be remembered as the day my hernia had a hernia. I have been told by my consultant to avoid heavy lifting, but we did not consider that when we ordered a multi fuel stove, a twin wall flue kit and additional length of stainless steel flue, all to go into the shed (chalet. dacha, cabin, summer house, call it what you will, in my view anything that is made of wood and has a tin roof is a shed)
I took Hollie dog for a round the block walk, and you should believe it when anyone tells you that in dogs excercise stimulates the bowels.
When I got home there were an inordinate number of crates and boxes on the drive. All various bits of the stove assembly kit. The stove itself is 56kg.. Two and half times the weight of a 20 kg bag of coal. Good job I have got a wife and a sack truck. We did it in the end with much Anglo Saxon profanity, a lot of pushing and pulling and not a small degree of mopping of brows. Gary the builder is coming to install all this gubbins at the weekend and then we should be able to light the stove. Have we got any fuel... Of course we have. The shed's made of wood, innit.
The blip is condensation on the windows of my porch. Gothic mist I call it. No ordinary condensation for us. 

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