By Ingleman

It's Called Patina

My Walk 1000 miles challenge takes me far and wide and I visit new locations and places I didn't know existed on my doorstep. And I revisit memorable places and locations of historical interest. Like the alley, posted on 22nd January, where I raised concerns about the possibility of asbestos being used as a fence. Here I am, back in the same alley and looking more closely at what I am now convinced is asbestos. Fibrous and crumbling, I have phoned the council. And got through to a fine example of the younger generation who could not possibly be less interested. I could almost hear the bubblegum popping. Putting me on hold for ten minutes before terminating the call leaving me grinding my teeth and thinking I could send Jane W round to perform the coups de gras with a swift chop to the throat, after I have spent a pleasant hour talking to the poor girl about my life in the insurance industry. Ggrrrr.. I will try again tomorrow and hopefully speak to someone who gives a sh**.
Breathe.. One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three one thousand, relax. Blip is a close up of a section of the fence which is rusty metal and definitely not asbestos. I like the degree of decay, it is over a hundred years old, and I will be pleased if I look this good when I am that old. 

Entry for this week's DerelictSunday


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