By dunkyc

Rocky Road

The company I work for is kind enough to give us an extra day’s holiday on or around our birthdays. I deferred mine until today, when I knew that I had the children and could give them my full and undivided attention on a weekday (given present state of the universe, this is a bigger deal than it sounds).

I was all up for us all bunking off for the day, but being the conscientious students that they are, they wanted to crack on with the assigned school work for the day. I was particularly pleased to see that yesterday’s work with Matilda on her numbers had really paid off and she was applying it to today’s sums. I’m calling that a win!

They’d worked hard and I’d been able to get some houses chores done, so we deserved a treat and made ourselves a rocky road traybake - probably slightly smaller than it should have been as we kept picking at the ingredients - which we gobbled down in front of an afternoon movie. Not all of it as the chocolate is VERY rich…..

In between times, I followed through on my movie school promise and set the children the task of making a short film. Using one of their teddies (dubbed President Teddy), I do a little character for them in the mornings. President Teddy is basically a dictator hellbent on world domination and his accent is a blatant rip-off of Borat/The Meerkat/Gru/anyone dwelling in the eastern bloc. They decided that they wanted to do a little interview with President Teddy about his lockdown experience. 

They set to writing a script and with a quick run down of how the camera worked, went off to come up with some ideas and get used to the camera. For a while it seemed like they were going to do it all themselves (I won’t lie, I would have been devastated), but then I got the call that they were ready for me to provide the voice and we spent a very funny couple of hours messing around filming and editing. The finished article was pretty much bang on 4 minutes and at last count had just over 120 views on Facebook with lots of lovely accompanying comments from family and friends. The children were chuffed to bits!!

No word from Netflix yet as to whether it will be renewed for another season….

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