By pensionspoet

Off to work

I woke early, but actually had slept very little. Consequently I have felt tired all day, which was very annoying.

Got to Lidl by 8.15, then on to Morrisons. A big shop full of things for our diets!!! Then walked from Morrison's carpark to the post office in town to post 2 parcels. So Nic, if you are reading this, your 3 books are on their way! (But 2nd class im afraid!) The other has been ready to post since Monday, but today was my first opportunity. I am hopeful that it will be appreciated.

After shopping, it took forever to put it all away, and I do hate that job. Had coffee with Jon before he headed in to Norwich on his bike. Then I cycled up to my allotment to feed the hens. My main bed is totally flooded, and the rest very wet. Being clay it never drains, but I am hopefully as the weather picks up we can get in and rotavate and get some manure into the soil.

Mollie and I went for a very brisk walk in the afternoon, then spent some time sewing. As usual I can't stick to the plan and have been trying to design a bag. I had a fat quarter which I particularly like the design on, and now I've had practice with some of the techniques on the small bags, I am trying to make something. But the fabric isn't quite big enough so I am combining it with another bit. Its a bit like when I wrote my book. I don't really know exactly how it will end up, until I've finished it. I'm still designing it in my head, just need to fine tune it!

Cooked dinner. Got some bargains in the Morrison's reduced section bit which Mollie and Henry had tonight. Jon and I had jacket potatoes!

Called mum on facetime this evening. It is 1000% better than a phone call, and makes mum feel less lonely even if it is just for a short time. Mum likes it.

Now Death in favourite death of the week.

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