Another day with grandchildren.  I'm ready for the hay.
It wasn't until late I realised I needed a blip and as Friday is my favourite day I had to photograph something.  A multiple exposure of the frangipanis at the front gate ,from high, and passed through a little of Snapseed.

I joined Sophia, her mother and little Isabella for a trip to the park this morning while this afternoon MrD and I introduced Sophia to the Perth Fringe Festival.  For her it was meeting Fairy Millie who painted a rainbow on one arm and a swipe of glitter on the other.  Sophia was so patient waiting the thirty minutes for her turn to sit in the chair.  She also enjoyed seeing the Mermaid and the Merman in a big tank of water - Merman was new to me and had a ginger beard.  :))

I was blown away with your appreciation of the Pinot Noir yesterday - I couldn't believe the gifts you so kindly gave.  I shall reply tomorrow.
I had another glass from the bottle of Pinot tonight and there is enough for tomorrow - a big drinker.  :))

A final thank you to Anni for her continued hosting of Flower Friday.

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