Keith B

By keibr

Once More on Ice

Bright sun and cold air - the ingredients of a winter's day to love. On the shaded side of the house it was -13°C while on the sunny side it was only -5°C but where the sun was shining on the metal walls of our house the frost was melting and drips were falling.
We went down to the big lake to ski and the action warmed me up to the point where my down jacket went into my rucksack and even my sweater was unzipped.
We saw the 5 roe deer in the same place we saw them before.  They watched us watching them for a while, and then they broke away and ran across the ice, fading away into the thick forest.
In today's picture we are headed for home so the track you see is from our outward journey. It tells me how hard the snow is that two people leave only this slight mark of their passing. There are also some grass-like reeds poking up just in front of me. This is one of the very shallow sections of lake so in the summer it is full of reeds. On Google maps it looks more field than lake but you would get very wet if you tried to walk here in summer!  
In the distance in this picture there are a couple of houses.  Sometimes it looks as if we live in the middle of nowhere but this is really part of the coastal region of northern Sweden, relatively well  populated. I doubt we are ever  more than 300 meters from a house on this entire trip.
Once back home we took it easy and I prepared a sourdough mix for my Honey Crispbread, using rye, spelt and wheat flour.  Tomorrow I'll bake it. This is the third time I've baked it, the second since I adapted the recipe for sourdough, and I'm getting more of a feel for the process.

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