An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

First things first...

...the new bed!

If you follow may journal you will know my sleep pattern isn't the best.  I generally get by on 4-5 hours max per night (not all at once.  Usually broken by at least one loo visit) and 3am is a regular bed time.

Last night, after getting into bed (which was a comedy sketch in itself.  This bed is much higher.  The top of the mattress is level with my hips!  It took three attempts to get my backside on it!  I think I need a punty up!* :-)). Anyway, that aside, once I managed to get in it was lights out just after 1.00am.  Woo hoo, an early night!  

I got into my sleeping position (facing left, curled up, cuddling a pillow if you must know :-) and just as the thought entered my head that it would take a while to fall asleep, I conked out!

I woke just after 6.00am.  FIVE HOURS OF SOLID SLEEP!  

Quick trip to the loo (normally a loo break occurs within 21/2 hours of falling asleep and that's we awake for another two hours) then back to bed.  Fell straight to sleep and woke up at 8.30am. ANOTHER TWO AND A BIT HOURS OF SOLID SLEEP!

Another loo break.  David was still asleep (late for him.  He's normally up at 7am) so I thought I'd get back into bed and read for a while.  Fell straight to sleep and woke up at 11.00am!  Another TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF SOLID SLEEP!

I can't believe it!  Ten hours of sleep with two tiny loo breaks!  Unheard of for me for many, many years!

And the best bit about it all....I was completely unaware of D in the bed!  Result!  Hahahahahaha!  

And he also slept really well, probably because he was completely unaware of me!  lol

So, based on the first night. I think I like it!

And if that wasn't fabulous enough, I woke up to a video message from Nikki of Esme opening her parcel I sent yesterday (full un-packaging shots in extras :-)  Her smiles and exclamations of wow! as she opened her gift made my day :-))  And her insistence at putting one on herself (Nikki tried to help!  lol) made me laugh.  Little Miss Independence! 

Then a short time later the cherry on the cake was the photo Sharon sent me of Faith and Anna wearing theirs.  Happiness overload :-)))

Well done Mr Postman.  These were only posted yesterday so I am well impressed they were received today....many, many miles apart!

And this evening we've had dinner courtesy of J&F Dine at home, so I didn't even have to cook!  

I would definitely rate this as a THUMBS UP day!  

*Punty up :-)

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