An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

It's a first...

My day out at Ele's yesterday was lovely but I was exhausted last night.  It's hard work enjoying oneself!  lol!

After lunch today I went into the study planning to look for the little personalised labels I put on the back of my handmade cards.  They've gone awol.  Searched for almost and hour and still can't find them.  Oh well, will just have to order some more. 

I hadn't planned on painting anything but knew I wanted to create something next week using acrylic ink so decided to get organised and decide on some colour combinations.  I grabbed an old bit of watercolour paper (rough sketches and doodles on the "right side") and dropped some inks onto it, sprayed with water to get the colours combining, and seeing these rough tree shapes emerging, grabbed a wooden skewer and scraped in some loose branch shapes, and eh voila!  Ended up with this semi abstract.

Funny how things emerge when I least expect it.  When I plan and put in effort, things rarely work out how I want them to.  Perhaps this is a lesson to think less and just go with the flow.  

Anyhoo, this is my first painting of 2022 in my new studio.  So good to be back in there again!  :-))

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, stars and hearts on my 4000th blip.  Each and every one much appreciated.  I haven't had the chance to respond to you all yet, but I will xx

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