An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Recent work...

I am way behind with my online drawing course.  

I think the last exercise I worked on was November, with outstanding exercises from October.  The run up to Christmas and then events afterwards have made it impossible to concentrate on the Modules and the weekly exercises.  There's no requirement to keep up with the course modules and they can be done at one's leisure, but I am such a procrastinator that I know if I fall too far behind I will take forever to get re-started, so need to give myself a shake!  

I've not been completely idle on the art front as the deep urge to create is impossible to ignore and when possible, I have been grabbing an hour here and there to paint.  Tomorrow, however,  I will have a massive tidy up of my studio and put away the non-course materials, and prepare to take up where I left off...a watercolour painting of a tree frog!  I hope I can find it in the chaos!

Alan's had another good day.  D had a chat with the gastro nurse this morning. She can only get involved if there is a problem with Alan's stoma, which there isn't.  The chat was helpful though and as a result, we are going to see Alan's GP to discuss reflux and the possibility of an underlying gastro condition.  That will (hopefully) kick start investigations.

David was very happy to see the sun shining as he had a round of golf planned at Leven with Keith, Kenny and Steven.  It's his first round of golf for weeks and he enjoyed it, despite him and Kenny being beaten by Keith and Steven on the final two holes.  

Last day of January tomorrow.  Despite all that's happened this month, it's gone by in a flash! 

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