By amandoAlentejo

C Loves M

Market day, so a quick trip into town, where we saw actual real live human beings, lovely. Mike, as usual, for about the last year, called in at Pulguinha's to see if he's fixed our pressure cooker lid, or even just to give it back not fixed, to be told again that it's in hand; maybe I should just buy another one, I'd like to be able to cook beans.

Anyway, while he waits to go in there, I wander up the road looking for a photo. Was in two minds whether to post this as it looks pretty depressing, but at least C loves M... It's the old petrol station that is on what used to be the main road into town, but is now a back road. We looked in the window, it obviously also used to be a large café; imagine folk really gathered here, there are benches in the shade of olive trees across the road and it's just a block from the main square, plus there's a pretty little largo (wide space) right next to it. I chatted once to a woman who told me how she used to play in this largo with her friends all the time.

Our internet has been rubbish since last night, it takes literally a minute or more to load every one of your photos, so forgive me if I miss some. It also meant that at our monthly support group, people could see us but we couldn't see them, and their voices sounded like musical aliens.

- that this loaded (if it does!)
- people who pray for us... we had run out of electricity, and forecast is for another week at least of rain and cloud, and as soon as they prayed, the sun came out and stayed for long enough to partially charge our batteries
- which meant I could at last do a wash, including our bedding - fresh bedding, what luxury!

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