Roe Deer

The sun came out this afternoon so I took Pippa down to Papercourt Meadows (yes, I know its name now and find it is indeed a nature reserve) on the half chance I might see the barn owls but I knew it was too early in the afternoon.

We were turning back for the car and I was standing on the bridge over Papercourt Lock when some walkers asked me if there were any barn owls in the area. As if on cue, I saw one in the distance flying near the car park for Newark Priory. It was 3.30 pm so I tramped through the marshes, close enough for a shot but I couldn't get closer because of a deep drainage ditch. Another one came over and for a while the two flew nearby. I saw a third further over the marshes so I know there are at least three. I know now just where and when I need to go to get a shot of one perching.

Earlier, walking over the marshes, I disturbed this roe deer, almost didn't see it as it trotted off. I like the image because it's against the sun and shows how well camouflaged they are in the long stalks of dead marsh grasses. If you go large you'll see it's licking its nose! Another result was that my welly repair held. Not much time now to get ready for a fishing trip next week. I expect the car sale will have to go on hold. Still it's safely garaged where I can keep an eye on it. Oh must have nodded off there for a second! The old Jeep is back from the repairers but I'm not sure whether to risk taking it up to Scotland.

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