A little colour to brighten up all the grey

We had yet another one of those very grey and dull days on which you'd wish you could stay in bed the whole day, especially as it also felt colder today. I didn't want to disappoint any of the dogs at the sanctuary though so this afternoon I got on my bicycle and rode to the park, where I had another good walk with Pacha, their male Rottweiler cross.

Towards the end of our walk I spotted the Goldcrest again at the rose garden where I'd photographed it yesterday. This time it was sitting on a branch of a small conifer tree and it was still there when I finally managed to get the camera out of my bag but it flew off the moment I zoomed in and unfortunately it didn't come back. A crow and magpie were more obliging and so was Mr Robin when I stopped at the bench where I'd photographed him before. He sometimes comes quite close to check out the food that I put down, unless he get's chased off by one of the blackbirds. I eventually decided to blip this photo of Mr Robin because he was the most colourful thing I've seen today.

My cough is still the same. It's not so bad anymore but not completely gone yet either.

Thank you so much for all the kind comments and stars on yesterday's blip of my very first Goldcrest sighting.

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