I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... fun, fun, silly day.

We had such a fun and silly day today ... mostly spent at Jacobsburg State Park.

Richard had read recently about a new fun installment at Jacobsburg of a "Book Walk" that we simply had to check out today.  The walk was short and throughout the trail were pages of a book that led you to a surprise "Stranger in the Woods"!  It wasn't actually a surprise to us as we saw said "stranger" a couple of weeks ago when we visited the park. But it was fun reading the pages as we walked.  I've included a few of them in my silly Saturday collage.  You can also see Richard posing with the "stranger".  

Jacobsburg had recently received a donation of bird seed and this is a fun way to use it.  The birds were plentiful ... especially the black-capped chickadees.  They have set up a block of wood that you can sit on and the chickadees will come right down.  Richard sat with some seeds in his hat but I didn't get any good pictures of the chickadees taking the seeds from him.  Next time maybe ...

We made one stop on the way home but then we were in for the remainder of the day. 

Backblipped: February 1, 2021 ... and more to come. 

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