Everyday Life

By Julez

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Today was the day for much housework - upstairs has had a good dusting, de-webbing and hoovering in the process of which I broke the hoover. It sucked up one of Brian's socks which was lurking in the shadows. (It was a clean one - he keeps his work socks in an accessible pile so he can grab them in the dark when getting dressed of a morning!) 

Brian fixed it when he came home from work, and hoovered the stairs themselves - a job I hate, so I'm very grateful for that. Also grateful that I won't have to buy a new hoover with my Christmas money!

I did the Tesco shop this afternoon. For once I didn't get a trolley that was hard to steer, but I did choose a rattly one that also made a humming sound. The rattle stopped once it got a bit of weight in but the humming increased. By the time I finished it sounded like an angry swarm of bees - especially going quickly down empty aisles where I didn't need much. I was getting some strange looks but I didn't mind - it was less annoying than a trolley I have to wrestle with!

I got my Blip this morning when I needed to pop to the Co-op for milk so I could have a coffee with my breakfast. There were so many very active squirrels chasing around the Arboretum. Fortunately one sat still long enough for me to grab a very quick shot!

January is finally over. Let's see what February has in store!

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