Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Afternoon light

Apologies for the same view as a few days ago, but we haven't been out today. I love the light at this time of the day and am so pleased the X30 was able to capture it just as my eyes saw it. :))

A good morning getting things done. G decided to share the cheese out with Diane, so she called in to collect it. G wanted a picture to send to the organiser, so I am in front of the camera (in my extra).

G got bitten by an insect on her foot. I was so pleased we can now have OTC meds delivered to us, so I ordered her some anti-histamine. Spraying Lavylites did the job, but it's good to have some things in the medicine cabinet.

And we enjoyed our Life Group on Zoom in the evening. Better still that one of the members (who joins us from Cape Town) was introduced to my YouTube channel and had some encouraging words for me! Did I mention I passed the 10,000 views milestone on Saturday? Small things... :))

And it is 2.2.21 today. I thought it has a certain ring to it! And I have to record that Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away today; of Coronavirus of all things! ;(

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