There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Perfect Weapon

The day found us shoveling out. My husband and I both got to work on the drive way, leaving the deck for the following day. He clears the lower part, along the road, and I do the upper part, around the cars. We make a good team.

I cleared the snow off my car and found it had made some very sharp, interestingly shaped icicles. I picked this one up and held it in my hand and suddenly realized - hey, this is the perfect weapon!

It is sharp as broken glass. Surely it could do some damage. And then, you could simply let it thaw, and even Columbo couldn't figure it out. There would be no weapon, no finger prints, no DNA!

My husband, by the way, felt a bit uncomfortable with my icy sharp musings. He now worries that he is snowstorm-sequestered with a crazy woman who has a murder weapon at her finger tips. And yes, it IS sort of like they're growing on trees. Ha ha ha!

"Oh, Ma'am, just one more thing. . . . . "

There are two soundtrack songs to accompany this image. The first one is not a song I'm familiar with, but its title sounded just perfect to go with this image: Justin Nozuka, with Woman Put Your Weapon Down. The second one is a long-time favorite from an album that's somewhere near the top of all of my lists: John (Cougar) Mellencamp, with Danger List, from American Fool, released in April 1982. Put me on your danger list; I'm too wild to tame!

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