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Canal Carriers

This morning was a lovely sunny mild day and I decided to go for my walk before the afternoon rain arrived.

I went along the canal near where I live.  It's advantage is that very few people walk there but it's disadvantage is that it's a sea of mud as the towpath just a soil track through the grass which was a slippery sea of mud.  It's not a walk to do without boots!

This section has two locks and I was fortunate enough to watch a pair of narrowboats going through.  They were Chamberlain Carrying Co. who live on their boat and travel two canals (The Llangollen and South Shroppie) selling fuel and gifts to boaters. I had a good chat to the lady who said that they meet boaters at designated places to sell their goods (which are much cheaper than at the marinas).

The boat carrying the goods went through the lock first then the butty boat which was then attached with a rope and was towed along.  Once they were through the locks they removed the rope and travelled independently.  It was great to see the boats being used in the traditional way.

My blip is of the first boat through the lock and my extra is of the butty boat being pulled through with the rope.

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