By kwchas


Thank you for all the favourites and likes for yesterday's llama. It would have been ideal for Silly Saturday. I did have something in mind for Silly Saturday but when we went down the sign I had seen had been removed so I had to look for an alternative.

I know this is a rubbish photo but it is meant as a before and after reference shot which is something I have done a couple of times in the past. It will make more sense in a couple of years time.

On November 28th 2014 and August 14th 2015 I photographed a new restaurant development in Chester. The restaurant on the right has now closed.

On September 1st 2015 and November 4th 2017 I photographed the new bus station in Chester. 

This is the site of the new doctors surgery in Kelsall. As it is 2021 it will be known as a hub rather than a surgery.

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