The Pepper Patch

By PepperG

Gray Cloudy Day (with soundtrack)

Thunder storms woke me this morning and it was still overcast with a mist in the air when I hopped on CC to head out on a low expectations camera roll. One thing about days like today though, big puddles offer some interesting opportunities and like a little kid I stop to play ...

On the way home I stopped when my phone rang and, though the reception was lousy, it was the best call I've gotten so far this year. My transplant hospital is setting up a Covid vaccination clinic and was offering me a slot for next Wednesday with the second shot in early March. Yes!

Like I said, the best call so far this year then, just like in a Hallmark movie (I couldn't make this up), the sun broke through and I headed home to share the good news with C humming this as I rode along :

Sometimes the best news shows up when you least expect it, even on a gray foggy day ... and the adventure continues.

* the extra is the same puddle, turned on its head, reflective I think (pun intended) in this world turned upside down.

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