By amandoAlentejo

Cheers, Friends!

Three glasses of bubbly, in the hands of three people I love, to celebrate three thousand Blips, what an amazing journey it's been.

When I began, over eight years ago, it was to help me adjust to living back in England after 24 years in NE Brazil, by seeing something to be grateful for every single day. This has become a spiritual practice for me, and a way of remembering some of the gifts that are poured out on me, day after day. But it's been so much more than that, thanks to so many other brilliant Blippers. Wish there was time in my day to follow every single one of you, what an education that would be! Blip is a peek into other lives, so different to mine, all over the world. And here, we learn to look and listen and only speak if we have something helpful or kind to say. Imagine if everywhere were like that...

- every Blipper I follow, and everyone who bothers to view, star, heart or comment on mine, you are a blessing, day after day
- Cecílio and Ermelinda - and Mike - for making this photo, and for a lovely Sunday lunch together, such a highlight of the week in these strange and lonely times
- sharing, via Livestream, in our daughter's commissioning to join the leadership team at our church in England
- and an extra that I should have put yesterday: our son, Paul, and his friend, Jon, for looking after our house in Sutton, heroes both

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