Fresh bread and biscuits, what's not to like! I baked crackers a few days ago but there wasn't enough left for another lunch so a fresh loaf was on the agenda for today. I haven't baked these digestives for a while choosing to try out some different 'sweet treats' a boiled fruit cake and some spicy biscuits. I like to make all my own treats and snack as I know how much sugar I add and can ration the amount in my diet, hopefully continuing to lower not just my weight, which seems to have plateaued, but my blood sugar levels. I hate the replacement sweeteners and would rather go without. We decided that nothing beats these digestives. I add a bit less sugar to the recipe each time and we really don't notice the difference. It will be interesting to see how much I can reduce it before we say "stop, no less!"
It snowed on and off all day so I didn't go out until late this evening at 10.30pm when Reg decided he wanted outside. This is most unusual for him usually being snuggled down from about 8pm not stirring until the following day. We went into the garden, with torch but he kept going to the gate. Eventually I gave in, fetched his lead and we were off down the hill. It was as if he was on a mission! I had to keep slowing him down in fear of falling in the new snow on the road! He stopped numerous times, sniffing and peeing, but seemed so determined that I thought he was seeking a favourite place, he has a few, to complete his toileting! When we reached the bottom of the hill he just turned round and headed straight back up! Part way up he spotted, way before me, what looked like a squirrel against the wall. Said squirrel was off like a shot down the hill and Reg thought he might like to give chase! Unfortunately being on his lead that wasn't possible thank goodness and by now I'd had enough of being out in what now felt like a blizzard; snowing and high winds not so pleasant. I also only had a coat over my pyjamas so wasn't really dressed for an outing! I was pleased to be back indoors. A warm by the fire and then bed for me, and Reg!
Thank goodness he doesn't do this on a regular basis! 

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