By Kipsie

Love, love, love ............

My appointment with the ENT consultant went well this afternoon. I went through the swing doors. HIGH RISK AREA signs on entry. I eventually got to see him all togged up, but very chirpy. He had two student doctors with him who also wanted to feel around my neck & throat. I knew what was coming but was pleasantly surprised when one of the student docs squirted the local anesthetic up my nose. Mr Reece has'nt used that before. :-) They left me to go and get gowned up, while my nasal passage numbed. Back they came, had a look around. He apologised for not seeing me before, but was very pleased with the way everything looked. One of the healthiest patients he'd seen recently. My cancer treatment finished at the beginning of 2017. He reassured me by telling me it looked unlikely that the cancer would return but he would see me again in 4 months. "But you know my four months". I came away very happy. The NHS are doing an amazing job. I will be eternally grateful for the treatment I received.
My mantra .................  Live life to the fullest & be thankful for everyday.

Thanks to carolina for setting the Mono Monday challenge

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