Life through the lens...

By ValC

Pinderfields Hospital

A very cold morning. -2C but the roads were dry and clear. Very little snow.
This morning I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon at Pinderfields Hospital, near Wakefield. Only a half hour journey from home. One of the times when we appreciate the building of the M62.

Only a 15 minute wait.
They did apologise for running late as it was taking longer to clean the room between patients.
No apology needed as far as I was concerned.
I have to have a few more BCCs removed from my nose and face. Ongoing sun damage which was caused many years ago.
What a lovely young lady. She put my mind at rest as one is very near my eye.
After having crosses put all over my face, I went across to the other side of the hospital to have them photographed. Hadn’t realised I was having my portrait taken! What a great photographer. We had a laugh. He said it wasn’t often they numbered up to H. Not all to be cut out fortunately!

It should be 4/6 weeks and then I will have to have a Covid test 72 hours before, and isolate until I have the op.

Once again a big thank you to the NHS. who are managing to continue with routine cases despite the Covid crisis.

Also thank you to Mr C for driving me there, and sitting patiently in the car until I had finished.
I did bring a flask of coffee and a Bounty Bar to help keep him warm. He was pleased he had worn his thermal walking trousers, as well as hat, scarf and gloves!

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