By flavia13

FROM A DISTANCE...................

A brilliant song for me it's the Cliff Richard version of course, not Bette Midler's, although both are great.

Busy morning, just housework stuff.  Then directly after lunch I took G for a walk around the block.  We went down Carter Road - bl***y hell that winding was really biting, so much so that I had to  cover my face with gloves.  When I could draw breath I took this photo of the view. It is actually over to the home of Knottman2 and Gladders and you can also see the railway viaduct.  The foreground is a bit dark but then that is what it looked like with the sun shining on Arnside. It looked extremely icy on that stretch of Morecambe Bay.

We just went down Carter Road,  halfway back up, along Kilmidyke Road and did a full circular before walking home.  It was just too cold to go too far and G started to get a bit of a woozy with the cold so best to be home.

That's it for today.   

Do take care, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

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